Jason No


Day 1 - Fireworks or bust

I spent most of the day working on my new website. After a bit of tweaking i got it to look the way i wanted to .  I used to always see fireworks growing up, and although they’re cool i never got the excitement behind it. I think its more fun buying a crap load of explosives and going crazy with friends. Anyway, i decided to take Brittani out to see some cus its been a while ,and what could have been a good night turned into a giant cluster efff. I read that there was a free fireworks show in the valley close by with free parking so i figured it was a sure shot. We ended up driving around in circles for 30 mins till i had enough and turned the car around. We got this shot inside the car as we were headed back home. Turns out, we would have had a great view right in front of our place…you live and learn 

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